Hellenic Dance Troupe

The Hellenic Dance Program is a ministry that brings Holy Trinity's youth and adults together in Orthodox Christian fellowship and affords them the opportunity to live, learn, and experience the Hellenic culture.

The Troupe's goal is to strengthen appreciation for Greek heritage through the education and performance of Greek music and folk dance.

It is filled with members of all ages, from Elementary school all through adults. This allows youth and adults of all different ages a chance to get to know one another.

Enjoy authentic Greek music at this year's events. The George Karras performance will offer lively Greek staples of rich musical culture.


Cooking Demonstrations

Greek food demonstrations will take place throughout GreekFest 2023 by the people behind the scenes in our kitchen. Learn how to prepare authentic dishes enjoyed at GreekFest and in Greek homes.



Greek Music by George Karras

George Karras has been travelling across the country sharing his love of Greek music and entertaining audiences Greek and Non-Greek alike.  He has performed over 1500 events including weddings, festivals, dances, Greek-nights and barbeques.  Come hear George Karras at GreekFest 2023!


Cathedral Tours

Throughout the ages, the Greek Orthodox Christian Church has maintained a continuity of faith and love with the Apostolic community which was founded by Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit. Orthodox Christianity offers a fullness of the Faith that is characterized in an air of antiquity and timelessness.

God is the source of faith in the Orthodox Church. Orthodox Christianity believes that God has revealed Himself to us humans, most especially in the revelation of Jesus Christ, Whom we know as the Son of God. This Revelation of God, of His love, and of His purpose is constantly made manifest and contemporary in the life of the Church.

We offer you an opportunity to learn more about our Cathedral during the event.