Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral


About Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Throughout the ages, the Greek Orthodox Christian Church has maintained a continuity of faith and love with the apostolic community which was founded by Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit. Orthodoxy believes that she has preserved and taught the historic Christian Faith from the time of the Apostles. The air of antiquity and timelessness which often characterizes Eastern Christianity is an expression of her desire to remain loyal to the authentic Christian Faith.

God is the source of faith in the Orthodox Church. Orthodoxy believes that God has revealed Himself to us, most especially in the revelation of Jesus Christ, Whom we know as the Son of God. This Revelation of God, of His love, and of His purpose is constantly made manifest and contemporary in the life of the Church by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We offer you an opportunity to learn more about our Cathedral during your visit. Participate in a tour which will be offered throughout the day or read more on our website.



Iconography in the Orthodox Christian Church is sacred art, which is spiritual in essence and in purpose. Its functions are to enhance the beauty of a Church, to instruct the people about the Christian Faith, to provide examples for the faithful to emulate, and to serve as means of worshiping God and venerating His Saints. Icons have been in the Christian Church since the second century.

Icons represent holy events, primarily in the life of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary (the Theotokos) or the saints.

Jesus Christ, the Theotokos, and the saints, when depicted alone, are presented frontally, facing forward, thus facilitating a direct relationship with the one who venerates.

This style of iconography alters the proportions of the depicted person(s) and avoids naturalism, thereby emphasizing spiritual qualities. For example, the eyes are disproportionately large, as they best express the inner person.  Additional icons were written by George Kordis of Athens, Greece, and his team of artists in March, 2014. 

We are happy to share the beauty of the icons, but are even happier to share the message of God's love that these icons proclaim.

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